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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Do you need immediate dental assistance? A Dental Emergency could be: teeth that have been knocked out, chipped, forced out of their normal position, loose, or even cracked. In addition swollen gums, bleeding gums, cut gums, lips, or cheeks, and jaw difficulties could be considered dental emergencies.

Oral injuries are painful and must be examined and treated by a dentist as soon as possible. Our staff at Brite Smile Dental, located in San Diego, is ready to help you with your Dental Emergency.

Getting to a dentist within 30 minutes of a dental injury can mean the difference between keeping your perfect smile and losing a tooth. You should immediately call (619) 667-3330 for an emergency appointment in San Diego. If you have lost a tooth, always handle the tooth by the crown, or at the top that sticks out of the gums, not the root because you could damage cells that are vital for bone growth and keep the tooth alive.

With all serious mouth injuries, clean the wound right away with warm water, and transport the injured person to a hospital emergency room for care. Tongue bleeding can be reduced by pulling the tongue forward and applying pressure to the wound with gauze.

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