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Oral Surgery

Gingevectomy / Gingevoplasty

A gingivoplasty is a procedure in which the gum tissue is reshaped for aesthetic purposes.  This procedure is generally done in combination with a gingivectomy, which removes excess gum tissue.  This procedure is commonly for patients with a “gummy” smile, caused by excessive, and overgrown gum tissue.  The procedures are also done as a result of severe gum disease than cannot be treated properly with antibiotics, or other non-surgical techniques.

Gingivectomy is a procedure that removes the excess gum tissue, which may have overgrown over the teeth.  This will provide a better area in which to clean the teeth.  A gingivectomy is necessary when the gums have pulled away from the teeth, and therefore creating deep pockets.  The deep pockets make it difficult to clean plaque, as food can easily get caught. In more serious cases, after non-surgical methods are attempted, a gingivectomy is applied in order to prevent further complications to the ligaments and bone supporting the teeth from gum disease.  In order to remove the loose or excess gum tissue, a laser is used.   Following the procedure, putty is placed on the gum line.  The putty will protect the gums as they heal.  Soft foods along with warm and cool liquids are suggested as part of the diet following the procedure.

Gingivoplasty is a gum surgery that reshapes healthy gum tissue around the teeth.  The outcome is a more aesthetically pleasing smile.  This procedure is often utilized when the gum line has been pushed away from the tooth.  If necessary, a gum graft can be completed, and the tissue is stitched on either side of the recessed tooth.  The tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth.

Following both procedures, as they are completed in conjunction with each other, the area should be completely healed within a couple of weeks.  Since Brite Smile Dental uses laser technology, the expected post-operative pain and bleeding is significantly minimized.  The maintenance of good dental care following the procedures will help in the prevention of gum disease.

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