Our Equipment

girl smiling for dentistBrite Smile Dental offers cosmetic dentistry using the most state-of-the-art equipment. We offer high tech modern dentistry, invisalign, veneers, metal free restoration, sopro life cavities detection and panoramic xray machine both will lower the radiation to the minimum.

See our equipment listed below. We strive to provide the best personalized dental and cosmetic care in our office, with highly trained staff and top of the line technology such as:

“Sopro Life” caries detection WITHOUT RADIATION (FDA approved)

“Identafi” precancerous oral screening device help detecting serious lesion in their earlier stages.

“Planmeca ProMax 3D panoramic” for best diagnosis with minimum Radiation.

“Invisalign” orthodontic treatment without using the traditional braces
(NO brackets OR wires)

“Odyssey Laser” for better cosmetic result and treating soft tissues lesions without surgery.

“Zimmer Dental Implants” for best predictable results for better cosmetic and functionality Implants.


Brite Smile Dental

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