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Cosmetic Dentistry

Metal Free Restoration

Metal-free restorations look very natural and blends beautifully into surrounding teeth for a durable, long-lasting, and invisible solution. Metal fillings are avoided, as most metals are not compatible with the human body.  Even more, It has been determined that they contribute to tooth fractures. A metal filling is tightly packed into the cavity to hold it in place. Over time, the filling contracts and expands in response to foods and beverages that are hot and cold. This contraction and expansion eventually causes cracks, and consequently leads to fractures in the tooth. Metal that is used in dental restoration also attributes to discoloration of the surrounding gums.  Contrarily, porcelain fillings are temperature-resistant, and bonded to the tooth for an added strength in order to prevent fractures.

Brite Smile Dental uses porcelain in dental restorations, as it is safe, and more effective than metal materials.  Replacing old crowns and bridges with a metal free restoration is a more desired option.  The porcelain restoration is made of a highly durable ceramic material.  It does not cause discoloration, and it creates a more natural looking smile, with long lasting results.  It will not show wear, nor does it cause the opposing teeth to erode.

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