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When you are missing teeth, you may be embarrassed to talk or to smile. If spaces in your mouth are left untreated, the teeth that surround empty gums may shift and cause further problems. A permanent solution is a porcelain fixed bridge. This appliance does not have to be removed, which means that natural function will be restored.

Porcelain Fixed Bridge Application

There are a number of dental bridge options. A porcelain fixed bridge procedure typically requires at least two office visits to complete. During the first appointment, the teeth that surround the gap will be numbed and prepared to receive crowns that will anchor the bridge. An impression is made so that the permanent fixture will fit perfectly. A temporary bridge is usually used until the final bridge is ready. At the second office visit, the final bridge will be cemented into place. The end results appear natural and function like regular teeth.

Reasons to Consider a Porcelain Fixed Bridge

There are many reasons why you may wish to consider the application of a porcelain fixed bridge.

  • To fill the gap of missing teeth
  • To restore a beautiful smile
  • To restore the ability to eat and chew properly
  • To maintain facial structure
  • To prevent remaining teeth from shifting

A fixed bridge creates a smooth connection between two teeth that surround an open space in the mouth. Porcelain is a good material for this type of appliance. It can be shaped like natural teeth and fits comfortably in your mouth. It can be manipulated to restore your natural bite pattern as well. Porcelain is quite durable, which makes it capable of withstanding the pressures of chewing without problems.

Upkeep of a Porcelain Fixed Bridge

It is easy to maintain a porcelain fixed bridge. You should treat it like your natural teeth. Each day, it is important to brush with a fluoride toothpaste and to floss. With proper care, this type of bridge may last up to 15 years without issues.

Working with an Experienced Dentist

An experienced dentist understands that missing teeth can cause great distress to his or her patients. Besides the outward appearance, gaps in your mouth can hamper speech and eating habits. If you have a gap in your mouth and want to have it repaired, it is best to comprehend all of the possible options. A trained dental professional will assess your needs and recommend the most viable solution. A porcelain fixed bridge may be the answer to your problem.

At Brite Smile Dental, our goal is to restore positive oral health to all of our patients. Also, we strive to provide beautiful smiles that make you proud to display your teeth. If you are near or in La Mesa and want to work with a qualified dental professional, consider calling our office for an appointment. We are conveniently located on Jackson Drive and provide quality care at the best prices.

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