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There are various teeth whitening methods available that correct discoloration of the teeth, and the removal of stains.  Depending on the type of whitening method used, the teeth can appear up to ten shades lighter.

The teeth become stained from a variety of reasons.  The uses of tobacco, along with drinking dark-colored beverages (coffee, soda, red wine, tea, etc.) are attributed to the discoloration and stains.  Most people experience no pain or discomfort, white a few experience some sensitivity with their teeth.  Within the first 48 hours, it is advised to avoid hot and cold food and drinks.

Teeth Whitening (In Office)

With the aid of a dentist, the professional in office treatment is the safest form of teeth whitening.  The dentist uses a whitening gel with a high concentration of carbamide peroxide, accompanied by a special light, the in-office treatment approximately takes one hour, and the results are immediate.  This method is often followed up with an at-home bleaching kit.

Before the whitening process, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned; surface stains and tartar are removed.  With the gums and lips isolated from the teeth, the whitening gel is applied and then activated with the special light.  Special glasses are worn as protection from the light used in the procedure.  In order to assure the best results, approximately 3 sessions, back-to-back, are completed.  The gel, along with the special light is able to penetrate the teeth in order to remove deep stains and discoloration.

Custom Fit Tray Bleaching (In Home)

For a professional whitening kit at home, the dentist will take a custom impression of your teeth.  From this impression, a custom fitted tray with a gel concentration (provided by the dentist) is worn over your teeth, and worn for approximately an hour or more daily for up to two weeks.

Over the Counter Strips (In Home)

There are a lot of over the counter products available that are also just as safe as alternative methods.  Though the final result is similar to the professional methods, the results take longer.  There are many options of in-home teeth whitening products that are quite convenient, both in usage and cost.  When used regularly, following a professional teeth whitening, the results are better maintained.  It is important, however, not to overuse the whiteners, as it can eventually harm the tooth enamel, and irritate the gum tissue.  It is best to consult the dentist for recommendations on proper use.

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