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Crown and Bridges

Other forms of dental restorations are crowns and bridges.  Crowns and bridges are fixed prosthetic devices as they are cemented directly onto the existing tooth or implant.  They are needed when the tooth is heavily decayed and weak to the point where a filling would not be sufficient.  When the condition of the tooth is heavily decayed, the likelihood of a fracture or the loss of tooth substance is increased, therefore requiring either a crown or bridge.

What is a crown?

Often, a crown is needed when a cavity threatens the health of a tooth.  A crown completely caps a damaged tooth, providing tooth-like functionality. It also is used to protect and strengthen a weak or cracked tooth, or for the improvement of the alignment, shape, and appearance of the tooth.  A dental crown can help in the protection of future decay of the damaged tooth.  Brite Smile Dental uses a porcelain crown “Metal free” that will match the color of your natural teeth.

In order to provide an accurately fitting crown, an impression of the tooth is made.  This impression is the basis for the shape and size of the crown.  Once the custom fit crown is made, it is then bonded to the needy tooth.  The practice of proper oral hygiene habits will help in the maintenance of the crown.

What is a dental bridge?

A bridge replaces a missing tooth by permanently joining to adjacent teeth or dental implants.  This is necessary because the gap left by a missing tooth can cause adjacent teeth to shift or rotate, resulting in a bad bite. Bridges permit the replacement of lost teeth without the use of a dental implant.  Brite Smile Dental uses a porcelain bridge “Metal Free” that will match the color of your natural teeth.

To make the bridge, an impression of the prepared tooth is used to create a model of the teeth.  A bridge is made from this model that is customized to fit precisely to the prepared teeth.  The bridge is cemented to crowns of the adjacent teeth of the gap, which act as anchors.  The replacement tooth is then attached to the crown of the teeth.  The practice of proper oral hygiene habits will help in the maintenance of the bridge.

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