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Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures in San Diego

When a person needs to replace most or all of his or her teeth, dentures are common options. Dependable alternatives that may be less known are implant dentures. At our office, we offer this permanent denture treatment to our patients. 

What Are Implant Dentures?

Implant dentures are permanent structures in the mouth. Instead of being removable like conventional dentures, implant dentures remain in the mouth and do not have to be held in place with any special adhesives. 

Benefits of Implant Dentures

Permanent dentures provide a number of benefits. 

  • Natural Appearance. Implant dentures resemble natural teeth much more than regular dentures. A patient’s mouth is measured, and gum impressions are taken. These will be used to create the best size and shape for each tooth. After the set is placed in the mouth, it will be difficult to tell the difference between natural teeth and the implant dentures.
  • Secure Fit. Implants are placed inside of the jawbone. Denture plates are attached to these implants and create a firm and secure hold. Unlike with regular dentures, a person with implant dentures will never need to worry about slippage.
  • Placement. When a person opts to have a full set of implants placed in his or her mouth, it will be a lengthy process. However, implant dentures do not require as many implants, which means that the treatment will be quicker to complete.
  • Increased Function. With conventional dentures, a person must alter his or her diet. Certain foods may be difficult to chew. It may be necessary to give up favorite items. With implant dentures, a person never has to worry about the foods that he or she eats. Since they are totally secured, it is possible to chew the same as with natural teeth. 

The Procedure Involved with Implant Dentures

It will take a bit of time to place implants into the gums. The first step is placing screws into the jawbone. After they are allowed to bond with the bone and create a stable foundation for the dentures, the plates will be attached to the implants so that a tight fit is achieved. 

FAQ about Implant Dentures San Diego Treatments

Q: What is the difference between dentures and implant dentures? 

A: Conventional dentures can be removed from the mouth. Implant dentures are permanent fixtures. They are attached to implants that are anchored into the jaw. Regular dentures may rub against the gums and cause irritation. This is not a problem with implant dentures. Also, implants stimulate the bone, which preserves the structure of the mouth. 

Q: How long do implant dentures last versus other tooth replacement options? 

A: Tooth-supported bridges and partials may last between five to seven years. Studies show that permanent dentures can last a lifetime with proper care. 

Q: How do I care for my implant dentures? 

A: It is important to treat implant dentures in the same manner as regular teeth. It is essential to brush each day and to schedule regular dental visits. 

At our office, you will work with a dentist who has great experience performing implant dentures San Diego treatments. You are sure to be pleased with your results. When you are in need of teeth replacement and are considering implant dentures, call us for a consultation today.

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