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What Are the Pros & Cons of Crowns Vs Veneers?

– Veneers are less aggressive to natural dental tissues.
– Crowns overall are stronger in cases of severe grinding or oral appliances crowns are a better choice.
– Aesthetically with the new technology, we can achieve the same result with both of them.
– Veneers don’t impact or change the bite/occlusion as the crowns do.
– With severe crowding and when Ortho Treatment is not an option, Veneers can’t help and Crowns are the only option.
– With bad oral hygiene and multiple decays on front teeth, veneers can’t help much, Crowns will be a better option.
– Veneers are a little cheaper than crowns since they require less working time.
– A combination of veneers and crowns could be done depending on the case needs.
– In the end, there are multiple factors that dictate what is better for your specific case, let your Cosmetic dentist make that decision for you for the ultimate result.

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